MounTerra Products:
Valley of the Moon

Valley of the Moon is a premium spring water from deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Western Montana. Our spring originates in the pristine snow pack of the FlintCreek Range at an elevation of 10,000 feet.

Montana Mint

Grown in the most pristine mountain valleys of Montana, Montana Mint has a freshness of flavor unmatched anywhere in the world. The unique "ice blue" flavor of our oil comes from glacial waters flowing from the Rocky Mountains of Montana.

Wheat Montana

A quality alternative to mass-produced products, Wheat Montana grains and flours are chemical free, non-GMO products that have been praised for excellence, taste, and innovation by nationally recognized companies like DuPont and Food & Wine magazine. The Wheat Montana Fresh Mill creates excitement in the flour aisle, and high margin sales for progressive retailers.

Montola High Oleic Safflower Oil:

Montola Cosmetics
Montola High Oleic Safflower Oil is an exceptionally clear, virtually odorless, colorless oil of the highest quality and consistency, making it ideal for the use in a wide array of cosmetic and skin care products and a superior alternative to mineral or other vegetable oil bases.

Montola Vegetable Oil
Montola High Oleic Safflower Oil is rapidly becoming recognized as one of nature's most valuable vegetable oils. High in monounsaturated fatty acids, and containing moderate levels of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, helps reduce cholesterol and plays a critical role in prevention of coronary artery disease.