Montana Mint

Not all mint is created equal...




Big Sky Fresh Montana Mint
has been used as an additive, flavoring, extract, or scent in:

Teas and Herbal Preparations
Delicate Fragrances
Aromatherapy Oils
Breath Fresheners
Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Carpet and Floor Cleaners
Jellies and Sauces
Alcoholic Beverages


Toothpastes and Toothpicks
Soaps and Shampoos

... and so much more!

Big Sky Fresh Montana Mint is available in quantity and can be tailored to meet your precise needs and flavor specifications.


Native & Scotch Spearmint Oils

Variety: Mentha spicata - Prime native
Spearmint Oil & Mentha cardiaca Prime Scotch Spearmint Oil
Purity: 100% Pure Prime Spearmint Oil
Brand Name: Montana Mint
Quality: Low menthofuran, low pulegone
100% pure and natural, unblended
Packing: 180 kg. barrel


For more information contact:

4286 Old Marshall Grade 
Missoula, MT 59802, USA
Tel: US 406-728-9065

Peppermint Oil


Montana (Mentha piperita)

Purity: 100% Pure Prime Peppermint Oil
Brand Name: Montana Mint (Big Sky Fresh)
Quality: Low menthofuran, low pulegone, 100% pure and natural, unblended
Packing: 180 kg. barrel

Optical Rotation: -27.50 degrees
Refractive Index @ 20 degrees C: 1.4610
Specific Gravity @ 25 degrees C: 0.8980

Composition by GC Relative Peak Area

1,8-Cineole: 4.75%
I-Limonene: 1.48%
Menthofuran: 1.87%
I-Menthol: 40.15%
I-Menthone: 23.91%
I-Menthyl Acetate: 4.02%
Pulegone: 0.62%